The Florida Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition (FEORC) is a grassroots, faith-based organization whose mission is to help ex-offenders reintegrate back into the community as successful law-abiding citizens.

FEORC was founded in 2008 to help ex-offender’s reintegrate back into the community as successful law abiding citizens. FEORC focuses on providing specific information and education aimed at helping the Ex-Offender make a successful transition. Ex-Offenders and families face many obstacles during and upon release from incarceration. The complexity of transitioning from incarceration back to the community is the primary focus of FEORC.

“Remember, the most dangerous citizen is not armed, but uninformed.”

by Ben Kinchlow

F.E.O.R.C. Is A Grassroots Organization Whose Mission Is To Help Ex-Offenders Reintegrate Back Into The Community As Successful Law-Abiding Citizens.

The Incredible Story Of Bernie DeCastro

In 1976 Bernard (Bernie) DeCastro was arrested in Miami, Florida and charged with armed robbery. He was tried, convicted and sentenced as a habitual career criminal and sentenced to life + 30 years. Five years later Bernie had a life-changing spiritual epiphany in his prison cell and in 1984 he was miraculously paroled. Florida Governor Lawton Chiles was so impressed with Bernie’s changed life that in 1994 he gave Bernie a full unconditional pardon. In 2012 Bernie DeCastro ran for sheriff of Marion County Florida as a candidate for the Constitution party.

Truth And Knowledge Are The Keys To Freedom From The Bondage Of Hopelessness

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